You have no choice but to adapt!

Why You Need to Change Your Coronavirus Marketing Strategy Today

It is true to say that during coronavirus, customer behaviours are changing. Although most people are ‘locked down’ at home, a great sense of community exists between themselves and their colleagues, friends, clients and even neighbours. Something reflected particularly strongly through social media.

Indeed, the habits of people at home during lockdown have shifted as well. People are increasingly seeking ‘escape’ from the realities of the epidemic, spending their time watching paid TV channels or eating while attempting to keep some level of normality going if they’re also working from home.

Outside the home, certain industries are feeling the pressure. Either because they’ve been hit particularly bad, or oppositely, are overwhelmed with orders. 

5 Ways to Adapt to Changing Consumer Behaviour

Want to continue reaching your customers and grow your market share despite current difficult circumstances? Here are five proven ways you can achieve this.

Be Socially Responsible. It’s true to say that people are fearful at the moment. Making it even more critical for companies to show compassion to others, comforting them. So how can you achieve this with your brand? Adopting the right tone of voice has a lot to do with it. Be sure that your messages are factual, relevant and honest. There’s little room for uncertainty or ambiguity at the moment.

Track Consumer Trends. As most people are self-isolating at home, many are turning to social media or community sites to engage in conversation. The use of online shopping is also increasing. Marketers can monitor such channels to gauge new habits and use data to inform decision making. This can be used to put together a highly appealing marketing strategy for your customers.

Have a Heart. Customers react well to ‘acts of kindness’ during difficult times. It signals to them that the brand isn’t just about commercial benefit but cares about the welfare of others. If you’re unsure how to achieve this, you could offer free products for medical personnel or donate to a food bank. Of course, there are digital methods too, like using creative content which sends out a positive message.

Be Flexible. Media needs to be utilised in a different way than it was pre-lockdown. Audiences are accessing media in different ways, so adapt by putting out stronger channels that prove the most popular with your audience. Make sure that your creative team has the right remote assistance to perfect their message before they publish it, which should also be adapted to current circumstances.

Go Beyond Virtual Working. One of the upsides of coronavirus has been to see how quickly companies have been able to adapt to remote working. Now, virtual meeting software and instant messaging are more popular than ever, and new remote working tools have even emerged from the chaos. For your own business to go forward, think long term but try and navigate the disruption you’re currently experiencing. Also, make sure you have measures in place if the unexpected happened. Despite lacking a physical presence, always keep the customer at the forefront of what you’re doing by continually engaging with them in the right way. 

Tips to Engage Better With Your Customers During Coronavirus

During the lockdown, a great sense of community has emerged, not only physically, but through things like social media too. Consumer behaviour, however, is changing. With this sees some businesses either struggling or thriving. If you’re feeling the heat at the moment, the key to success is to reach your customers using the right channels and adopt the right message. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can do this:

  1. Gather information from customer channels and use it to inform your marketing strategy.

  2. Go beyond your corporate image by displaying acts of kindness. People value authenticity and react well to positive intentions or messages.

  3. Regularly contact your customers to compensate for the reduced physical presence you have at the moment.

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