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It's not as hard as you think to grow your business using Instagram...

Regardless of where you are in your business journey, there are things you can do to grow further. A website is a good option, but a robust social presence is also necessary to build brand awareness and trust with customers. Instagram is an excellent choice for this, considering around one billion people use it every month. This number is only growing. It’s been known for some Instagram accounts to achieve audience numbers in six or seven figures. Could this be you in the future?

Six Ways to Grow Your Business and Audience on Instagram

Focus on gaining quality followers. There seems to be an obsession over the number of followers one can achieve on their Instagram account. The truth is that quality is better than quantity. Aim for your ideal customer who is more likely to convert, and you’ll be onto a winner. You’ll need to know who your target customer is. Understand who they are and what problems they face that you can solve with your awesome content.

Nail down your niche. Research whom your target customers are following and the types of content they interact with each day. Choose the top accounts, then work out the gaps by looking at comments or competitor posts which seem to thrive. Use upcoming trends and put your own perspective on them, so you stand out and resonate with your audience.

Unleash the power of video. By 2021, customers are likely to spend 100 minutes each day watching videos online. With this in mind, video needs to take pride of place in your marketing strategy. Instagram has excellent video functionality like Instagram Live and IGTV, which are perfect platforms to share your content. Make sure you stand out and appear as an expert in your field. Your customers will trust you, and eventually, splash the cash on your product or service.

Use text and calls for a personal touch. Messages, comments, stories and posts are all good ways to build an online community and foster relationships online. However, using texting and phone calls is another way to achieve this. After all, people value a personal touch. Use your mobile number in your bio so customers can get in touch with you over the phone if they wish to.

Share previously created content. Creating content from scratch takes loads of time. Time you probably need to spend on other parts of your business. Which is why it is sometimes acceptable to use great content from other accounts. Just make sure you pay full credit to the original creator and find material that will resonate well with customers. Never be tempted to use generic stuff. It won’t add value at all.

Put in the effort. Don’t expect to have loads of quality followers overnight. It takes time and effort to make this happen. Aim to build your audience slowly, and as you gain their trust, they will be more likely to spend on your product or service. There’s no magic button to generating loads of money, so be patient and use tried and tested techniques to get to where you want to be.

Growing Your Business on Instagram? Here are the Main Things to Remember

Use these six quick tips to build a significant following and business on Instagram.

  1. Instead of merely building a large following, focus on gaining quality and relevant followers that match your target customer.

  2. Do this by researching their favourite accounts, see what questions they’re posting and interact with them. Then, create unique content that appeals to them.

  3. People will spend over an hour each day watching online videos by 2021. Tap into this trend by publishing great video content on Insta Live and IGTV.

  4. Use phone calls or text messages to build a personal connection with customers and leave your mobile number in your bio so customers can reach you too.

  5. If you’re short on time for creating content, use other people’s, but make sure you’re allowed to share it and reference them as the original owner. Keep it relevant, too.

  6. You won’t build a vast audience overnight - this takes time. Sit tight and be patient but put in the effort for a great reward.

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