These tips WILL boost your conversion rate. Like they did for us!

How Content Marketing Can Breathe New Life into Your Conversion Rate

Are you looking to improve engagement and sales? Content lies central to achieving this. We’re talking about things like e-mails, social media and blog posts. Of course, you can create new content. However, tweaking the existing stuff can equally be as useful, or uploading content to new and exotic locations. Itching to find out how to get more sales, subscribers or interaction through your site? Here’s how you can work towards this as part of your content marketing strategy.

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Improve CRO with Content Marketing

1. Provide Kickass Content.

People love content such as e-books, whitepapers and infographics because they allow them to get stuff done. You’re basically solving a problem for a customer, and they will love you for it! It’s good for you as well, showing that you’re an expert in your field by delivering kickass content with optimal value. Appealing to customer pain points and offering viable solutions is one great way to improve conversions both through e-mail and on your website.

2. Make Your Best Posts Even Better.

If your content isn’t educational, compelling or entertaining, your customers ain’t gonna stick around (unless, of course, they’re buying directly from your site). The truth is, some of your blogs will always perform better than others. We call the former, ‘compounding posts’, ones that continue to generate new traffic long after being published. In fact, 38% of all web traffic is from this type of content. If you’re unsure your existing content falls into this category, check out your analytics. Otherwise, you’d be surprised what even the smallest of tweaks can make to an otherwise disengaging blog. 

3. Give Users Some of the Control.

Another way to improve CRO is to build reviews, testimonials and comments into your blogs. Reviews are particularly effective because they create ‘social proof’; in fact, product reviews can improve conversion as much as 270%. So, how do you collect reviews? You could provide a feedback form on your website. In terms of your blog, it’s worth setting up a comments section to encourage readers to spark discussion. Overall, user-generated content can improve conversion rates as much as 161%.

4. Don’t Just Post on Your Own Blog.

No matter the type of content you’re pushing out, make sure to publish it on different platforms. This is because you’re more likely to boost traffic this way and get more conversions. If you’re unsure where to start, you could agree to guest post for someone else in your industry, and they do the same for you. You should also promote your blogs through different platforms as these are another source of traffic. Delve into your analytics from time to time to see what resonates with your audience, and produce more of the same for maximum effect.

5. Test, Test, Test.

Tired of not getting anywhere with your sales pages? Perhaps you’re just not testing them enough! Use split testing and make changes to the design, copy or layout until conversions improve. Often, the smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences, like changing the call to action text. Just remember, give enough time for the changes to take effect. A couple of weeks is the minimum you should wait. 

Try and implement some of these areas. You won’t achieve overnight success, but you’ll slowly build better traffic and conversions, and hopefully some leads as well!

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