Outrageous. Do not do that on social media!

15 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Social Media

Most social media platforms are packed with tools and features to help get your business in front of your audience. Yet it’s surprising how many of us don’t make use of these. A more significant issue, however, is using social media in the wrong way, and this can be damaging to your brand. Be sure to avoid this by checking out the most common mistakes to avoid on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.


Not knowing your audience. There is little point in broadcasting your message on Facebook to an audience who isn’t listening. So, make sure you understand your target audience and write about what interests them. Consider building a persona of your target customer, so you fully understand whom you’re trying to reach.

Leaving your page information incomplete. If your Facebook page is only partially filled in, you’re missing out on vital information that your audience needs to know. By having a complete profile, it shows your users that your company isn’t just trustworthy, but reputable too. Keep up to date with changes as they happen.

Leaving the URL in a post. Facebook automatically adds a URL at the bottom of each post which displays as a clickable image. Consider removing this to make your post much cleaner in appearance.

Not dealing with negative feedback. If not dealt with properly, negative feedback can severely affect a companies reputation. Make sure to properly reply to any bad feedback by stating that you will take the comments on board. You’ll also have the chance to explain the occurrence more thoroughly and if necessary, make an apology.

Not tailoring your page to your marketing strategy. You need to post content that appeals to your customer’s questions and needs. If you don’t do this, your audience will start looking elsewhere. Demonstrate your expertise by posting regular, relevant content, showing your customer that you are the best choice.


Using poor quality images. Because Instagram is a social photo platform at heart, the pictures you upload need to be as high quality as possible. After all, it is the photos which are telling your story. Instagram does have inbuilt editing features. However, professional editing tools always produce the best results.

Not using a business account. There are multiple reasons why you should only use a Facebook business account for your brand. The main one is so you have full access to analytics which helps you understand your audience much better. You can also discover how your content is performing, plus the interactions you’re having with users.

Not using hashtags. Hashtags can be used on Instagram to promote content from brands and people. Clicking a hashtag takes you to an entire thread of all posts containing that hashtag. It would be best if you used hashtags to improve reach, catch peoples attention and promote your brand. Just try not to exaggerate their use as this can make your post appear spammy.

Purchasing followers or likes. Although it may be tempting to buy likes or followers, you should avoid doing this. After all, having lots of followers doesn’t guarantee success. Trying these types of tactics can even result in the removal of your account. If you’re seeking more engagement, consider alternatives like stories, ads, video or collections.

Not using stories. Stories are an excellent way to reach more viewers and engage them better through things like poll stickers, live chat or location tags. They also offer users an easy way of sharing your content. Consider using up to six stories a day for maximum success.

Not filling in your bio. A mediocre bio isn’t going to attract any attention on Instagram, so write something that stands out. After all, you probably want to make the best first impression possible to your potential customers. Remember to add links and call to actions as appropriate, and to update the bio regularly.


Failing to reply to mentions. If someone mentions you through Twitter, you must respond. Ignoring them is saying to your customers that you don’t care and makes your company look unprofessional.

Re-tweeting too often. Although re-tweeting is sometimes useful, it needs to be relevant. Lots of re-tweets about random subjects will not look good in front of your prospects — only re-tweet when someone is mentioning your business. Or if the information is useful for your customers.

Tweeting similar content. You may have something significant to share, which is pulling in lots of engagement. However, merely re-tweeting content is not a strategy for success. Instead, make sure to re-purpose the material so that it doesn’t make you look lazy.

Making tweets too lengthy. The very nature of tweets is that they are short, unlike the character limits on Facebook or Instagram. Your readers want a concise, snappy tweet and do not want to read an essay. Make sure you keep your tweets that way.

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