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Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The 8 Best Ways to Develop a Personal Brand in 2020

An essential part of getting ahead in your chosen career is to develop a personal brand. But what exactly does this mean? In simple terms, it describes how you come across to your target audience in a way that a business would use branding for the same purpose. 

A good starting point in branding yourself is learning how others perceive you. Search yourself on Google. What first impression would others get from the information displayed?

Best Ways to Develop Your Brand

1. Set goals

Why do you want to create a personal brand in the first place? Perhaps you want to grow yourself and your company. Or have more advanced goals like becoming an author or public speaker. Regardless of where you want to be, set goals, and they will help get you there. Have fun along the way. It’s not a competition! 

2. Define selling points

To develop your brand, you will need to work out your unique selling points (UPS). Once you’ve defined them, you can then work out to whom exactly you’ll be appealing.

3. Define your audience

What are you hoping to achieve? Maybe you want to connect with new customers, or perhaps you have more epic visions of changing the world! No matter what you’re aiming for, work out the right tone of voice, plus the platforms needed to get out there.

4. Work out a purpose

What are you hoping to offer others? Are there particular industry niches you could fill? No matter your goal, keep up to date through courses and reading, so you’re always briefed on the latest industry trends.

5. Reach your people

Websites, blogging and social media are all great ways to get your voice heard amongst your target audience. Just make sure your content always remains original, thought-provoking and relevant.

6. Keep content maintained

Posting on socials and writing blogs is excellent, but there are other things you can do to improve exposure. Optimise your blogs for SEO, so you’re hitting Google rankings. Use the right hashtags on social media, so you’re reaching the right circles. Keep your content fresh by editing it from time to time.

7. Stand out. Be unique

It gives others a reason to talk about you. Just make sure it remains positive! Word of mouth is powerful and can allow you to build credibility while improving your chances of being a thought leader and expert in your field.

8. Grow your network.

Connect with others that are experts within your field, paying much attention to major influencers. Prioritise engaging relationships over superficial ones. After all, there is little value in ‘being seen’ in the business world. It’s all about long term relationships.

Implementing these steps will only lay down the foundations to kick starting your personal brand. Good luck!

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