Caught in the act online?

This morning George, one of the founders of HoneyPot (brand new micro-dating app) found himself in a bit of a furore on social media. Commuters were greeted to this somewhat embarrassing and public call out from his 'now' ex- girlfriend! Ouch...

Not all as it seems though?

Last week a new dating app called HoneyPot launched in Clapham. Launching any company, especially in tech is costly. The guys needed to think of way to grab people's attention, market the app and create some hype without breaking the bank.

Yes, they could have ploughed thousands of pounds into influencer marketing, paying individuals with a high following for posts and content, however with engagement on the decline is it really still worth it? To be discussed at a later date...

Therefore taking a leaf out of an American TV Network 'Bravo's book, George, Matthew and Immy went for the more unorthodox method. A guerrilla PR marketing strategy which is certainly proving to cause a commotion on the streets of London.

Ref. The Independent - May 2016

Not for the first time.

This is clearly a PR marketing stunt which works. Back in May 2016, an America TV Show on Bravo 'Girlfriends Guide to Divorce' did something similar by vandalising a brand new Range Rover, and leaving it for public view outside Harrods. Of course it went viral on social media platforms, drawing attention to this new show. Genius.

What is Honeypot you may ask?

Honeypot is a world first micro-dating app. The idea to meet singles in the very moment they’re free to meet up, or that same day. Zero swiping, zero small talk; just spontaneous, real-life, real-time micro-dates moments after matching.

Find out more here:

We are really looking forward to watching your journey guys!


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