Less is more.

Well, it's safe to say that this time last year, the goals and aspirations of where I wanted Love That Media to be were indeed attainable and entirely in motion. It was exciting and the whole team was raring to go. Then Covid-19 hit, consuming us all.

Despite our goal posts having to change and significant adaptions needed internally to meet our client's ever-changing requirements, with relief, I can say that Love That Media has managed to function throughout the pandemic. We remain optimistic that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Slowly, but surely there will be a gradual return to normality in the not too distant future we hope. However, our thoughts go out to all businesses that sadly have had to close their doors last year. As a business owner myself, I can relate to the worries, frustration and angst the previous year has caused. I hope they come back stronger than ever.

2020 did see some of our pre-covid goals accomplished though. One was moving to a better-suited office in central London. We did this and our new home is now in Vauxhall, 50 meters from The River Thames, it's excellent! A space we are proud of and can grow the company from. The second is that we have had a considerable redesign of our website.

Every element of the new website has been rethought and designed. Don't get me wrong, I loved our old website, but we know it is essential to stay-up-date with online trends and technology with everything online. We have to practice what we preach!

The new website aims to showcase our creativity as an agency while maximizing those vital moments a user spends on a site. It was only too evident that despite our old website giving a detailed overview of what we do and our processes, it was entirely unnecessary. Less is more.

One of the other main reasons we wanted to redesign the website was to address our processes internally. Beforehand, when we used to have a kick-off call with a potential new client, this would be our first point of contact and we would be addressing all of their requirements. Whilst this is of course essential, it was a time-consuming process. Now, we have implemented new systems whereby we receive all of this information beforehand. This means that now the first time we speak is far more productive and a better use of everyone's time as we know exactly who we are working with and their requirements from the get-go.

Our custom internal processes have enabled us to streamline all of our operations and grow while minimizing working hours spent on similar daily tasks as before. Consequently, this has allowed us to take on more work while servicing our existing clients simultaneously.

This year will undoubtedly provide more challenges, but at least this time, we could not be more prepared for it. We're incredibly proud of our team and the work produced over the last year and grateful to all our clients that continue to work with us.

Let's see what this year throws at us. Onwards and upwards.

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