Are you sitting, waiting and staring at the wall, hoping someone will turn up?

Improving Your Web Traffic in 2020

Making your website ‘heard’ in 2020 can be difficult. But remember, you’re not trying to appeal to everyone, just the niche audience that matters to you. Many techniques can get you where you want to be. Some are relatively simple, whereas others require a bit more technical acumen. Here are some of our useful tips to start growing your web traffic this year

Polish Your Popular Pages.

Use your analytics package to discover which pages of your site are doing well or to discover where improvements could be made. Use Google to work out which terms people are using to find your website. Don’t panic if you’re on the second page of Google. Instead, work on growing up the rankings by making improvements, particularly to the significant pages of your site.

Gather Insight.

Know what traffic your site was achieving initially, then set new goals to make it even better. Check organic points of access, content performance and domain authority on your website. Examine how well pages on your site are doing and try to understand why they are performing this way. Use tools like Google Search Console to find out how your domain is performing in organic searches. 

Guest Blogging.

Increase traffic to your site by writing blogs for other sites that link back to your site. Quality links to your website will only help improve traffic. Publish content on high domain authority sites while avoiding ones that have been penalised by Google. For those wanting to guest post on your website, only consider high-quality sites with good domain authority.

Try an Industry Podcast.

Contact a successful podcast and see if they’d let you contribute as a guest. It can help your site get more traffic by boosting your credibility with your audience and Google. Podcasts also have the potential to earn you a backlink if you’re listed in the show notes. An excellent place to start is with a medium-sized podcast relevant to your area.

Use Social Media.

Social media can be a great way to advertise a business. Still, it needs to be utilised in the right way to be effective. Get it right, and you can potentially reach a massive audience. Encourage your audience to switch over to your website so you can boost traffic there. For example, by entering a contest or casting a vote. Above all, make your posts action-driven and watch your web visitors increase.

Write Longform Content.

Write long articles between 500 and 10,000 words that appeal to your audience. This will allow you to earn backlinks, thus boosting the posts massively in search results which in turn benefits your website as well. This won’t happen overnight, but give it time and invest in quality content to reap the benefits.

Do an SEO Audit.

Google has recently completed updates which have resulted in making organic searches more challenging to obtain. This means it’s never been a better time to do a full SEO audit. Make sure all your images and code are optimised well. Some tools can help you on your way like Google Pagespeed Insights.

Make Your Site Universal.

Ensure your site is accessible for everyone, no matter their ability or expertise. Loads can be achieved in terms of web accessibility, but start with making sure alt-text descriptions are clear, and your menus are easy to navigate. If your website is relatively large, consider integrating more advanced accessibility tools. So why is all this important? Google notices that you’re taking care of your users, and your organic readership will go up even more as a result.

Use Awesome Content.

Make content that people want to read and deliver useful information in your blog posts. This can help your organic growth. Make sure the content you are publishing has an audience and people are searching for it. Always use the right keywords that audiences are interested in.

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