How to create killer content for your social media channels.

How to Create Social Media Content with Impact

Pouring time, money and effort to create exciting social campaigns is usually worth it. They get your old clients excited, not to mention help you get new ones. However, getting content to go viral, stir something up or have great impact is something of a dark art to most of us. Then there are the luxury brands. Can they use the same type of approach, or should it be completely different? Our mission is to find out…

Getting Your Content to Stand Out

Impactful content goes beyond simply using the right combination of text, video and images. Instead, content must be crafted to speak and resonate with the target audience, inspiring them to save, comment and share your content thanks to it’s sheer power. Of course, it depends what you’re hoping to achieve with it, but typically, improving brand awareness or growing a community are top outcomes.

12 Ways to Create Killer Content

  1. Treat your content as a story with the usual beginning, middle and end.

  2. Be authentic and real by talking about real people.

  3. Show what’s unique about your brand by sharing behind the scenes footage.

  4. Content doesn’t just have to be creative, the creation process can be as well.

  5. Use emotive content to connect well with your audience.

  6. Make shareable content.

  7. Give users content they can use in a reactive and timely manner.

  8. Never fail on quality.

  9. Use things like questions and polls, because your target audience love interactivity.

  10. Make sure everyone understands you by captioning your videos.

  11. Post at your own frequency but consider the best times for your audience as well.

  12. Get immediate results with live streaming.

Make sure your audience will always pay attention by using high quality videos and images rather than using stock material that is impersonal and ineffective. Pay a close eye on your language so that it connects with your audience. You might even consider getting someone on board that’s a target audience member, asking them to check your content and make sure it resonates with your audience. 

Is Social Content Different for Luxury Brands?

High earners tend to favour experiences that are fully tailored to them. Therefore, luxury brands need to develop content that makes their audience feel exclusive. Personal storytelling is a great way to achieve this, however luxury brands should consider their audience category beforehand. 

The same approach tends not to work for mass market audiences. It can be expensive to produce, not to mention time intensive. Instead, they favour campaigns that turn over quick sales using techniques like special offers. Whereas the luxury brands invest in things like unique imagery.

Gucci, Prada and Relevance Agency Just Some of the Luxury Brands Getting it Right

Gucci has always been about clashing colours, patterns and layers. So, one fan decided to create content on her TikTok profile that replicated this entirely. This eccentric display quickly went viral, while Gucci themselves even features it on their pages and later partnered with the creator for even more content.

This is a perfect example of how being reactive and flexible can have great results with social media. Gucci capitalised on the perfect time to connect with their followers and experienced great results. 

Equally, Prada used a combination of multi-lingual organic and paid posts in an attempt to reach fans about an upcoming Q&A with co-creative directors surrounding a fashion show. People were able to submit questions, making them feel valued by the brand. 

How to Create Your Own Powerful Content

Start off with a clear strategy. In other words, work out what you want to post about, where you’ll post it to, and what time. Then look at your business aims. What do you want to say to your audience through your platform? It should make your audience pay attention, be unique and interesting.

Look at your competitors and see what types of content they’re experiencing success with. Then consider doing something similar by simply taking their ideas a couple of steps further. Don’t forget to determine the best time to post on your chosen platform. This has never been easier thanks to tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. Don’t simply cut and paste the same content across all your platforms. Instead, tailor them, but keep things consistent. 

To help with this, remember what each type of platform is intended for. Facebook is a community and social based platform that prides itself on interactions and sharing. Contrastingly, Twitter is more commentary and news based which values timely content and humour. Whereas LinkedIn is the professional networking platform that shares business news and inspiring stories. Instagram is for photos, while YouTube is for video and aimed at those with specific interests. TikTok, a newer platform, is based around short video clips that invoke humour. 

Finally, measure everything and see what works, as well as what doesn’t. Keep an eye on the days, times and localities your content performs best for. Overall, keep trying new content with the aim of delighting your audience.

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