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Reasons Your Startup Needs Video Marketing in 2020

Every day, viewers watch more than five billion videos on YouTube. This surprising statistic alone only begins to show just how powerful video can be for any startup.

Video marketing is the best way for startups to promote their brand and boost interaction with customers, providing the ideal opportunity to share valuable content with them.

Once upon a time, PPC and blogging ruled the roost. But video marketing is now the ‘cool kid on the block’. It would appear that startups are taking note, with around 63% now using this medium to promote themselves and stand out against the competition effectively.

Although you might be thinking about the cost of video marketing, the days of having to hire an entire media crew to shoot a video are long gone. In fact, with the high-quality cameras built into modern smartphones, plus the cool editing apps out there, shooting and perfecting video for startups is now a breeze.

Why Video is the Most Important Part of Your Startup’s Marketing Strategy

Gets Your Brand's Story Out There.

Video is a proven way of communicating well and can effectively promote your brand story. At the moment, video is very much the ‘hot medium’ which users love, particularly as it appeals to human emotion and sentiment so well. Of course, blogs and copy are great, but to get your prospects to buy, you have to tug on their heartstrings. So with the remarkable potential of video, along with stunning visuals and backgrounds, you can’t fail to achieve this.

Improves Brand Awareness Amongst Your Audience.

The truth is out there, and users don’t like reading as much as they used to. People’s attention spans are lowering, and most users now favour watching video over anything else. Perhaps this is because it is so easy to consume and puts across what your brand is ‘all about’. Of course, there is the added advantage of more social shares too. If people enjoy what they see, they will like and comment on your video, and may even share it with their pals.

Boosts Your Reach.

Social media, blogging, and email marketing indeed remain popular for startups to promote themselves. Perhaps because they are so easy to execute. After all, creating videos can be time-intensive, not to mention potentially expensive as well. In our opinion, videos are worth it though. Some brands have achieved immense success from only one viral video. The Dollar Shave Club was one such brand, which is now valued at a massive six hundred and fifteen million dollars, with a loyal customer base of over one million people.

Has the Potential to Massively Improve Your Sales.

Using videos is a proven way to enhance your conversion rate and boost sales. This is because users actively spend more time on pages containing videos and engage more with your brand as a result. It’s proven that video can increase customer purchasing decisions by up to 93% and eight out of ten people will buy an item after watching an associated product video.

The Final Word on Video Marketing in 2020

If you have relied on blogs and articles for marketing, you may be reluctant to give video a go. But the stats don’t lie - video works, and it works incredibly well. Our advice would be to continue with the marketing channels that work for you, whether this is social media, email marketing or your website. But we strongly encourage you to give video a try. You never know, it could help take your startup brand to the next level and even make it an epic success story.

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