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In November 2018, Ollie Locke and his team got in contact with us to discuss creating a social media and marketing campaign for his latest book, 'The Islands of Fandye'. Ollie was self-publishing this book and needed to create an engaging and visual social media campaign to increase awareness of the book and covert sales on Amazon. 

By the end of the campaign, 'The Islands of Fandye', reached number two in the Children's fantasy chart at Christmas behind J.K. Rowling.  


Islands of Fandye ollie locke love that media

With Ollie having a significant following on his social media channels, it was clear that we could use these to our advantage in building awareness of the book. At this stage, there was no need to insist on a marketing budget. We advised on building specific content for his most active social media channels and to solely focus on them. In this case, it was Instagram and Twitter. 

Central London and The River Thames were the primary locations where it was decided would be most suitable for most of the content to be produced. This was due to the number of iconic backdrops we could use and also so that it coincided with the story, theme and narrative. 

Islands of Fandye ollie locke love that media

We met with Ollie and his team to discuss his goals and expectations for the book. After we had a clear and concise grasp on this, we went back to our office and the Love That Media team brainstormed various marketing and creative avenues. 

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Video content has a greater engagement that still images when put in front of a viewer. Despite that, the hooks vitally important and needs to be achieved within a couple of seconds. Knowing this we designed a social media campaign that was predominantly video-based. A selection of short videos, 15-second videos encouraging the follower to use the swipe up feature on Instagram's story feature.  We also built longer videos that Ollie could upload as the main post to his feed that has to be under 60 seconds. 

We directed and produced a whole selection of video to coincide with key dates of the social media campaign. As we wanted the campaign to last for a month, throughout December, the turn around time on the whole project was not long. Therefore we scheduled one full day for filming and one full day for editing. The filming occurred on a Monday and the client had all the content ready for distribution by the Wednesday. 

The campaign was a monumental success, resulting in the book climbing up the Children's Fantasy charts to second place on Amazon. 

'The whole team at Love That Media were wonderful, professional and great fun to work with on the creative activity and social media for the launch of my latest book ‘The Islands Of Fandye’. 


Through their hard work and expertise, the book flew off the shelves and became number 2 in the Children’s fantasy charts at Christmas behind J.K. Rowling. Thank you to all of the team, I couldn’t have done it without you'.

Ollie Locke

TV Personality, Author, Actor