We are incredibly proud to work alongside the Military and provide bespoke packages to suit their unique requirements.

With social media having such a powerful audience at its fingertips in the UK, it is vital that each platform is constantly optimised, nurtured and managed to ensure that the overall impression of a Regiment, Ship or Squadron is always portrayed in the best possible light. 

Our Managing Director, Charlie, has two brothers serving in the British Army and therefore has a very good understanding of the constant battle the Armed Forces' (individual Regiments, Ships, Squardrans) have managing their various social media accounts.


Having looked further into this, Love That Media found that smaller accounts are not often optimised correctly for maximum outreach, the content looks budget and can be more damaging to the brand than good, the accounts are also normally managed by an underqualified Officer or SNCO who has been voluntold to so.

The day-to-day life of the Armed Forces is a superb opportunity to produce unique and engaging content, which if used correctly and in-line with a clear strategic plan, can be used to boost recruitment and brand awareness. 

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